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Ring X ®

Cutting-edge products for tunnel boring

Cutting rings


We develop and produce RingX ® a new generation of TBM disc cutters (cutting rings) with very high performance that improves TBM production and efficiency.

The technical characteristics of our cutting rings guarantee a strong reduction of TBM downtime and consequently a lower number of interventions to the excavation front.

The features of our RingX ® make it extremely performing and cutting-edge in the fields of TBM cutting tools.



Precast segments are the backbone and fundamental elements in the construction of a tunnel. We are leaders in the supply of segment moulds (stationary and carousel) and equipment, accessories and materials useful in this type of work…

Sealing gaskets and accessories

Fibers for concrete reinforcement

GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) solutions

Robotic welding plant and automation

Concrete release agent