RingX ®, the innovative TBM cutter ideal for “difficult” geology

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Strade e Autostrade, an Italian online newspaper specializing in transport networks, has published an article on our RingX ®, the innovative TBM cutter ideal for “difficult” geology TBM cutter. Read the summary, or the full article in italian in the PDF version.

The RingX ® TBM cutter revolutionizes mechanized tunnel excavation

The TBM cutter designed and patented by AB Tunnelling Srl has been on the market for a couple of years now: the supplies and analyses carried out on its use now allow us to compare the performance of the RingX ® with other cutting tools on the market. In this article, AB Tunnelling presents the results obtained on two extremely different rock faces that represent a good part of the critical issues encountered during tunnel excavation with TBM and which lead to significant reductions in production.

The research and development of an innovative solution in the field of mechanized excavation has led to the creation of a product that is definitely different from those available, both in terms of durability and optimization of the excavation phase, bringing considerable time savings in maintenance and consequently money for the completion of the project. And Italy, with its different geological assets, represents the best test bed for testing the RingX ® TBM cutter against others and identifying its strengths.


AB Tunnelling has patented a product that optimizes production and minimizes machine downtime following the analysis of the different causes of wear that compromise the life cycle of a cutting tool.

It was considered important to focus attention and development on three fundamental aspects:

  • Enrichment of the alloying elements of the steel to improve its resistance to wear and compression
  • Customization of the design to optimize its performance based on the rock profile
  • A special heat treatment that allows to maximize and uniform the mechanical properties of the cutting tool throughout the production batch

The idea behind the whole development of the product was to “put oneself in the shoes of the construction site” in its daily problems, looking for a solution that would guarantee a lower frequency of maintenance with a consequent increase in the speed of excavation, a reduction in operating costs and a greater overall efficiency of the work.


The results obtained in the two case studies presented in the article are significant:

  • Case study 1: Excavation of a railway tunnel in a highly abrasive rock formation

The RingX® TBM disc cutter showed a 30% longer life than the competitor’s tool, with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Case study 2: Excavation of a road tunnel in a hard and fractured rock formation

The RingX® TBM disc cutter achieved a 20% increase in penetration rate compared to the competitor’s tool, resulting in a significant increase in excavation speed and productivity.


The RingX® cutting tool has proven to be a highly effective and innovative solution for mechanized tunnel excavation. Thanks to its unique features, it is able to offer significant advantages in terms of durability, performance and cost savings. The positive feedback received from the field confirms the value of this product and its potential to revolutionize the sector.

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