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Cutting edge tunnelling tools and precasting solutions

AB Tunnelling: boring tunnel equipment
and precast tunnel solutions

AB TUNNELLING is a leading Italian company that designs, manufactures and delivers innovative solutions in the field of mechanized tunnel excavation
with Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). We operate in two macro sectors: tunnelling tools and products dedicated to horizontal boring (tunnelling);
prefabricated segments and products dedicated to tunnel lining construction (precasting).


Multidisciplinary at 360 degrees


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One company, many solutions

State-of-the-art equipment for tunnelling

A Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) without effective digging tools (cutters) is like a toothless lion. Our state-of-the-art TBM cutters are cutting rings and we call them RingX ®.

RingX ® are the spearhead of a wide range of high-end tunnelling equipment that we provides in the field of industrial excavation and drilling:

BrushX: “tail brushes” with high performance, which, mounted on the TBM, ensure a perfect distribution and sealing of the backfilling mixture used for tunnelling.

Chemical consumables: a wide range of sealants, resins and soil conditioning agents that facilitate drilling.

Grout and bentonite: supply of the best raw materials and design of the right backfilling mixtures necessary for tunnelling procedures.

Precast solutions
and high profile products for tunnel building

Precast segments are the backbone and fundamental elements in the construction of a tunnel. We are leaders in the supply of segment moulds (stationary and carousel) and equipment, accessories and materials useful in this type of work…

Sealing gaskets and accessories

Fibers for concrete reinforcement

GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) solutions

Robotic welding plant and automation

Concrete release agent

RingX ®: the best TBM disc cutters on the market

Our cutting rings are effective and extremely robust, allowing the TBMs to perform exceptionally
and drastically reduce maintenance and machine downtime



AB TUNNELLING’s RingX represents a real innovation in the field of rock cutting tools

SELI Overseas Technicians

The collaboration between Korea Mould and AB TUNNELLING has guaranteed quality and reliability, robust segment moulds and prompt assistance


BrushX is an excellent product and has proven tightness and durability; we will also take them into consideration for future projects

FERROVIAL Technicians

The resins for the consolidation of the excavation face and tail sealant are among the market leaders

GHELLA Technicians


AB Tunnelling celebrates its birthday with ISO 9001!

AB Tunnelling celebrates its birthday with ISO 9001!

AB Tunnelling turned six years old on May 8th and we want to celebrate this birthday/anniversary with you! These six years have been incredibly intense and fast-paced, full of satisfaction.Those familiar with us know that we are now a consolidated and beautiful...

TBM cutters: Why are RingX ® the best on the market?

TBM cutters: Why are RingX ® the best on the market?

The TBM (acronym for the English ‘Tunnel Boring Machines’), also called, more technically, "full section mechanical cutters"), are ingenious machines that have revolutionized the world of excavation and construction of tunnels. A TBM not only allows to carry out the...