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Moulds for precast tunnel lining segments

Tunnel segment moulds

Superior products for precast segmental tunnel lining

Korea mould: The best tunnel segment moulds on the market

AB Tunnelling is a sales partner for tunnel segment moulds by Korea Mould Co., Ltd, a prestigious brand in the precast segmental tunnel lining sector.

Korea Mould manufactures and supplies:

– high quality steel moulds for precasting concrete segment – Services include design, fabrication and survey checking. Refurbishment of existing segment moulds.

segment production plants – Carrousel or Static system. Individual segment handling equipment as Lifting Device (Vacuum or Mechanical type) and Segment Turning Device or dual action device for combination of lifting and turning.

consultation services for segment production, handling storage and factory layout.

AB Tunnelling is the exclusive sales representative for Italy and service partner for Europe of Korea Mould.

If you’re searching among tunnel form contractors for the top company, Korea Mould is the ideal choice.

World-class segment mould solutions: well designed, robust, reliable

Precast concrete rings, commonly known as “segments,” are the ideal solution for lining the internal walls of an underground drilling and constitute the load-bearing structure of a tunnel (segmental tunnel lining). For this reason, the precast tunnel segments must be manufactured to perfection, and the moulds (also called “formworks“) used in their production must be designed to the highest standards, characterized by great robustness and reliability.

Korea Mould, our prestigious partner supplying moulds for concrete segments (tunnel formwork system), manages the entire process – from design to production, final painting, handling and shipping -, thus guaranteeing a level of quality and service that we consider among the best in the world in the field of tunnel lining segments.

With complete control over the entire production cycle, Korea Mould not only creates top concrete formwork but also manages to produce up to 260 pieces per year (practically one per day excluding holidays!), thereby meeting every type of client request.