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Tunnel lining equipment


Segment moulds, sealing gaskets,
fibers for concrete reinforcement…

Tunnel segment moulds (stationary and carousel),
demoulding and handling equipment

KOREA MOULD is a Korean company specialized exclusively in the design and manufacture of tunnel segment moulds for tunnel lining and segments handling equipment in the precasting plant, boasting more than 120 references worldwide. Services include even survey checking and refurbishment of existing segment moulds. In cooperation with AB TUNNELLING, the assistance at precasting plant and consultation services for segment moulds production, handling storage and factory layout has been improving for Italian and European market as well.

Sealing gaskets for tunnel lining - AB Tunnelling

Sealing gaskets and accessories

  • EPDM gaskets (anchored and glued)
  • Mechanical connectors and shear bicones
  • Bolts, washers, bolt sockets
  • Guiding rods
  • Load sharing cushions and hardfiber boards
  • Grout and lifting sockets
  • Service sockets
  • Foam strip

Fibers for concrete reinforcement

Steel fibers

Steel fibre by the cold wiredrawing of low carbon steel wire (min tensile strength around 1100-1200MPa) for sprayed concrete

Steel fibre by the cold wiredrawing of high resistance and high carbon steel wire (tensile strength between 2500 MPa and 3000 MPa) for precast segments

Steel fibers

Macro polymeric fibers

Both extruded polyester fibres and high tenacity polypropylene with additives fibres,  featured by whole corrugated surface on both sides and double-hook (double-omega) ends.

This type of fibres is specially suitable and reliable in tough environmental situations, such as ports and docks in front of the sea, in presence of salt, chlorides and acid waters.

Steel fibers

Micro PP fibers

100% pure polypropylene microfibre for secondary concrete reinforcement and cement mix shrinkage control. Even used to improve the resistance of the structure to fire impact.

Steel fibers

Gfrp solutions

GFRP short for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer represents a groundbreaking composite material.

GFRP provides a reliable solution andensures maximum strength and long-term durability.

GFRP is even corrosion resistant, lightweight (1/4 the weight of steel) and electrically and thermically non-conductive.

Steel fibers

Robotic welding


  • Vision systems programs have been created to make robots ever more interactive with the surrounding environment using 2D and 3D technologies for robot guide and visual inspection packages, guaranteeing high precision, reliability and efficiency in steel cages welding
  • Robotic welding plants are obtained using the various Mig single and double wire, Mag, Tig double wire welding technologies and with the use of joint tracking sensors, video camera with laser scanners.

Concrete release agent


  • Easy to apply, ready-to-use emulsion, ecofriendly
  • Solvent free
  • Readily biodegradable (OECD-301-B)
  • Non-flammable.