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RingX ®: The TBM disc cutters

A cutting-edge product for tunnel boring

Ringx ®, the state of the art in the field of tbm disc cutters

TBM disc cutters are the tools placed on the rotating head of the Tunnel Boring Machine that have arguably the most challenging task among the mechanical elements that make up the excavation system: attacking the rock with maximum effectiveness and ensure the best performance over time in terms of wear resistance.

AB Tunnelling has long studied the problems of drilling and the causes of the deterioration of cutting edges (which shorten their life cycle), to optimize boring and tunnel construction, minimize machine downtime, and, consequently, significantly reduce costs.

The result was a truly unique product of the highest quality, the TBM disc cutter RingX ®, patented in 2021, which also stands out from the competition, for three fundamental aspects:

– Very accurate balance of the constituent steel alloy that enhances its hardness and tenacity and makes it particularly performing and resistant to impact and compression. Our TBM disc cutters are in fact characterized by a particular mix of basic elements such as chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and carbon that allows to obtain optimal and uniform results in terms of hardness, tenacity and wear resistance.

– The design and geometry of our “TBM cutter discs” has been specially studied both in its profile and in its “sides” to better distribute the workloads compared to the stresses of the perforation even in the presence of very different soils. This allows the cutter disc to better resist wear and tear and to lengthen its life cycle during work.

– Our cutters are subjected to special procedures of heating (with very high temperatures), cooling (in extremely fast times) and tempering to prevent deformation and breakage and to ensure that the quality and mechanical properties of the product remain unchanged for all production batches.

Ringx ®: More speed, less downtime, less costs

The RingX ® have therefore been developed with precise objectives: to provide the best performance in terms of speed of excavation, reduction of downtime, and better cost planning.

With RingX ®  there is a reduction in replacements (and therefore machine downtime) of approximately 35-40% when dealing with hard and abrasive rocks. This ensures greater productivity of the TBM and less need for maintenance and replacement of the disc cutters in often dangerous and difficult conditions.

This results in savings not only from a purely economic standpoint of view but also provide an incentive for greater safety of the workers involved in dismantling and reassembling the cutting edges on the TBM head.

For these reasons, Ringx ® are the best TBM disc cutters on the market