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About us

We enhance and facilitate tunnel construction with exceptional products

AB Tunneling is an italian company engaged in the research, design, production, assistance and marketing of products and equipment for the construction of tunnels dug with mechanical cutter (TBM, Tunnel boring machine).

For the mechanical cutter we provide highly customized products with the sole objective of maximizing productivity. Our flagship, the RingX® cutting ring, has been designed and manufactured with one purpose: to achieve extremely high levels of performance. The uniqueness of RingX® is certified and attested by both Italian and European patents. This makes RingX® the only product on the market today capable of meeting all the production and economic needs of the construction site.

Our brushes, BrushX, coupled with the tail sealant, form a sealing system that ensures perfect confinement of the two-component annular gap filling mixture. The BrushX are produced with the highest quality harmonic steel and designed to guarantee the perfect balance between durability and performance.

Operating in the field of prefabrication of segments, we supply formwork and equipment for their handling as well as plastic accessories, connection systems, gaskets for waterproofing joints and metal/synthetic fibres, robotic welding systems.

We can count on a range of more than 15 resins of various chemical nature, structural, rigid, semi-rigid and expanding which are used to stabilize and consolidate the fault zones on the excavation face or behind the prefabricated segments.

In the preliminary phase, we talk with the designers as consultants, to analyze technical solutions and study the interaction between the various elements that make up the prefabricated segment. In the subsequent phases we develop proposals to optimize and make more efficient the production and installation of the ashlar, which is the definitive lining of the tunnel.


passion and commitment

innovation and research

custom solutions

technical assistance

international projects

Tailor-made and certified technical solutions, qualified assistance

Strengthened by our long experience in the sector, we offer tailor-made and certified technical solutions, being the only Italian company that is a member of STUVA. The internationally renowned research institute develops test procedures intended to characterize the performance of gaskets, connection systems and accessories for segments.

Our technicians ensure qualified technical assistance that responds quickly to every customer request, at the same time monitoring the performance of our supplies and their improvement.

We are involved in national and international research projects with the aim of improving and automating production processes, improving products and giving new ideas to tunnel design.

Passion, commitment and innovation. Three words that contain the essence of our company.